Reebok Commercial
-Replaced all sound effects, music, and environment.
Batman (Movie Scene)
-Replaced all sound effects, ADR, music, and environments.
Strong Black Woman (Movie)
-Boom Operator for full-feature indie film.
The Musician (Film)
-Boom Operator for full-feature indie film.
GTA V Video Game Trailer
-Replaced all sound effects, ADR, music, and environments.
The Repair Zone (Web Commercial)
-Videographer and Editor for local company's web commercial.
Lions Gate Films (Intro)
-Sound Design project for logo-branding.


So I just want to say, it has been a lot of work these past 20 or so weeks to get this project to where it currently stands and I couldn't be anymore happy than I am!!!
We finished our VERY LAST session this past weekend getting in a solo along with some vocals for the song titled "Don't Let Go". I uploaded a video to Facebook that I recorded with my iPhone during the session.

All that is currently left is the mastering process of the album which will be done this following week. I will have to use someone else's equipment for the mastering because I still haven't had the chance to purchase any mastering plug-ins. 

Week 8 UPDATE!!! 

As of right now I am still stagnate on my progress due to the much needed fills and missing links to two of my tracks. These sweetening and fills will be done and recorded this Friday on the 14th, during our last session. Also, during this session the band and I will be discussing final tasks for the EP release. 

The song "Hate Life" was the first chosen single from the EP and will be pushed and promoted until the official release. 

Week 7 Update 

This was a slow week of progression for my project. I was in the process of mixing my last song when I realized that I will needed to re-track some drum fills…
Definitely not something that I planned on coming across but I guess it happens like that? With that being said, I have to book one more session to finalize my mix status and move on to mastering. 

Also, I'm still awaiting the artwork from the band. They informed me that they are having an EP release party/show at the end of April, which is kind of exciting yet stressful at the same time. I'm now officially behind schedule but I will be fine with my allotted time remaining to accomplish greatness. 

Week 6 Update 

This week I started my monitor mix on a new song called "Intoxicated" and it has good Metallica feel to it….
I'm using my Alesis 520 M1 Active monitors. So far they have been nice to me, hopefully I'm not crazy.
I still haven't purchased my mastering software of choice yet because I'm waiting to get paid. Right now I just want to focus on
mixing and making sure that I accomplish my goals on this project.
Overall, I want to deliver something to the client that they will remember forever! 

Week 5 Update 

This week I don't really have much to update but the fact that I started doing a mix on the latest song that we recorded. I've also been researching some knowledge to further my skills at mastering. I feel that I'm getting behind a little bit and need to step it up a notch before the quarter ends. I'm still waiting on album art from the guys. I might have to just get one done for them...


Week 4 Update! 

This past session on Friday we recorded our last instrumental session for the project along with vocals for the song "Hate Life". Everything went perfect and I think we got everything that we need. Now all that is left is vocals and possibly backing vocals for one final song. However, we possibly might need another to finish up any last adjustments that need to be made. I'm really looking forward to finishing this album!!!

Week 3 UPDATE!! 

    This week I did some minor mixing to one of the tracks that we recorded in the previous session. I also started getting prepared for this Friday's session with the Sacred Cow guys. What we need to track is the last instruments for the song "Hate Life". All I have left to do is put together another input list and possibly get a hand during the tracking process this Friday, ANY help is well appreciated!

 I did lose a vocal session and I am not particularly happy about it because there was a lot of work that was put in… 

     As far as sharing my mixes with the group, I haven't sent any files due to how rough they sound right now. I have listened to a couple of Eric Edisen's mixes for his project and I have to say, I really like where he is going with his project. It is very unique and his producing skills within Logic are legit!

Senior Project 2 Week 1 update! 

My senior project consists of recording a 4-song EP for a young metal band named Sacred Cow. Sacred Cow is a 4-piece band that has 2 guitarist, drummer, bass player, and a vocalist. I finished last quarter with over 75% of the recordings complete with minimal editing and mixing. 

I started off this quarter with a vocal and guitar solo session on Friday. I really needed to step it into gear and get as much done possible with the vocal tracking for 2 of the remaining 3 songs. Out of the 4 songs that were originally suppose to be tracked, only one more track is left to record. Along with the vocal recordings, we did some extra guitar takes during solo portions of the songs. I feel as if I'm right in line with where I need to be for this project. We do have one more session on February 7th, we possibly might need another to finish up any last adjustments that need to be made. I'm really looking forward to finishing this album!!!

Week 10 SACRED COW update 

After weeks of not having anything to work on, I finally got the fellas in the studio and tracked some music! I'm thankful that I had some help from Randy and David, as it was much appreciated. I was running behind because for some reason for the first hour Pro Tools was not working well and kept freezing on me. However, we figured it out and got most of what was needed! We re-tracked 2 instrumentals for the songs "Beat The System" and "Intoxicated". We also tracked a new song titled "Hate Life", which a song the band wrote two weeks ago. It's an addition to what we had in mind but it's a great song! Also, we only got to track one vocal track for "Intoxicated" because of time constraints. I will schedule and plan more studio time during next quarter and finish off the EP. I can't wait to get cracking on it during the break! PEACE!!!

Week 8 & 9 

Progress has been neutral these past two weeks. I've been in contact the band and reminded them that this Friday, the 6th is ultimate session where we have to get everything down and recorded. I'm really looking forward to this session, it's been a long wait... Since the last session, the boys of Sacred Cow have won a battle of the bands competition with 91X!!! MOOOOOOOOO!!!!